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One On One Phone App

The One On One Phone App pays for itself because it establishes a direct connection between your business and customers, or your church and its members. The One On One app puts your business or church logo and an app, exclusively branded to your organization, on your business customer's or church member's smartphone screen, establishing an ongoing direct connection between your business customer or church member, generating loyalty and increased support for your business or church. Instead of having to do multiple taps to search for your business or church on facebook or Instagram, your customer or members and others can directly tap your business or church's app icon on their phone screen to immediately find information about your church or business that is of interest to them and will make them want to stay in touch and visit your church or business on a regular basis.

If you are a business, consider selling your products to customers directly over the One On One phone app to open up a nationwide market for your products.

For most churches, an “Order of Worship” must be printed each week, which is later thrown away after the weekly church service. Since printing is expensive, the cost of doing this can add up significantly over time. To reduce or eliminate these printing costs, you can use the One On One phone app to upload your weekly service “Order of Worship”, news of volunteer community church programs, inspirational Scripture of the Day, news of upcoming events, and other information, for immediate display on your church member’s smartphone.

We have been in the software business since June 2000 and you are welcome to check our references by clicking the link above.

To learn more about the One On One phone app contact Richard at 256-595-2138 or OneOnOnePhoneApp@gmail.com. Try the app for 30 days before you buy it at no obligation. Cancel at anytime.

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